Captain Vikram Batra Biopic Shershaah

Captain Vikram Batra Biopic Shershaah There is no dearth of heroes in our country

Captain Vikram Batra Biopic – From This Article People Will get the all Information about Captain Vikram Batra and His Biopic and Biography. We are Slatue Him and His Family. Shershaah is a name Proud to be an Indian Army. Ye Dil Mange More 

There is no dearth of heroes in our country who do not hesitate for a moment to lay down their lives for the motherland. One such son of an Indian mother is Captain Vikram Batra. Captain Vikram Batra is known as the hero of the Kargil war. The story of heroism and self-sacrifice of Captain Vikram Batra, the hero of the Kargil War and famous as Sher Shah, cannot be forgotten. Whenever the name of this hero of the country is mentioned, everyone’s chest widens with pride. Captain Vikram Batra, who sacrificed his life for the country at the age of just 24 years. Find out about this heroic son of Mother India on the occasion of Independence Day.

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About Captain Vikram Batra’s Family

Captain Vikram Batra Biopic Shershaah

His father’s name was Girdhari Lal Batra

and his mother’s name was Kamal Kanta Batra. Captain had a twin brother Bishal Batra and two sisters. From a very young age, Vikram wanted to join the army. He graduated with a BSc in Medical Science from DAV College, Chandigarh. He joined the NCC while still in college. At the Inter-State NCC Camp, he was selected as the Best NCC Air Wing Cadet of the Punjab Department of the Northern Region and also took part in the Republic Day parade. From then on, he decided to join the army.

Are Vikram Batra and Vishal Batra twins?

Vishal Batra, who is Vikram Batra’s twin, also accepted that the makers took some cinematic liberty while curating the movie but it lives up to the family’s expectations. …  it isn’t easy being Vikram’s twin — he was the simplest brother, confidante, and friend. We shared equally of our life together.

Did Dimple Cheema Get Married?

After Captain Batra’s immolate on Kargil War, Dimple Cheema did not marry. To prepare for her role in the film, Vishal Batra arranged for Kiara to meet Dimple in Chandigarh. Kiara Advani acts as the Character of Dimple Cheema in The Biopic named Shershaah.

Foreign Job Rejection After being selected as a cadet of NCC,

Captain Vikram Batra Biopic Shershaah

he started preparing for CDS (Combined Defense Services) exam. While he was preparing for the exams, he also got a job in the Merchant Navy in Hong Kong. But she turned down the offer to serve Mother India.

About The Story, Vikram Batra Joined the Indian Army

He joined the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun in July 1997 after passing the CDS examination in the Army. After that, he was trained till December 1997. After completing his training, he was posted as a Lieutenant in the 13th Battalion, Jammu and Kashmir Rifles on 6 December 1997 at Sopore, Jammu. On June 1, 1999, his team was sent to the Kargil War. He was later promoted to the rank of captain on the battlefield.

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Shershaah Proud to be an Indian Army


Kargil War Captain Vikram Batra is known as the hero of the Kargil War. During the Kargil War, a team of Indian Army led by him rescued ‘Point 5140‘ from the hands of the enemy. Then the target was to rescue ‘Point 475‘. He was wounded by enemy fire but continued to fight in that condition. Although in the end, he died of gunshot wounds. However, Captain Batra‘s comrades flew the country’s flag after recovering 465 points. He was honored in the posthumous Parambir Chakra for the bravery of Captain Batra. His code name on the battlefield was Sher Shah.

Is Shershaah Movie Released

Captain Vikram Batra biopic


Actor Sidharth Malhotra, who plays the character of Captain Vikram Batra in his latest movie Shershaah, on Amazon Prime has spoken about the reaction of the Param Veer Chakra awardee’s family after they watched the film. A special screening of the film happened in Delhi where the family and Sidharth were present.

In an interview, Sidharth Malhotra shared that Vishal Batra, Captain Vikram Batra’s twin, told that he never saw the soldier while he was on duty. But after watching the movie, when he will believe Sidharth.

On the other Side, Sidharth recalled Vishal’s reaction, “‘You know Sid I’ve only seen him (Vikram Batra) off duty and whenever he came back from duty. I have never seen him in action, and now, whenever I feel of him (Vikram Batra) during the war, I’ll get your visions’. These are such genuine emotions. I used to be so happy… Anyone is going to be so happy that they’re contributing to someone’s legacy.”

Captain Vikram Batra Biopic Shershaah

Sidharth added, “It was incredible to only spend time with them afterward. Obviously, it had been a really difficult await them. Teary eyes, and tons of emotions floating everywhere. But [there are] a few of things as an actor you are feeling so happy. I met the generation of their family, who are beat their early 20s. and that they altogether that we’ve not known Chachu (referring to Captain Vikram Batra). We’ve not seen him, and we’ve heard stories, but we never had the visuals to the small print of whatever he must have skilled. I used to be just crammed with gratitude.”


In the movie, Sidharth also played Vishal’s role. The press agency ANI, he said, “Vikram and Vishal are twin brothers so it had been quite exciting to portray both of them on screen. What I actually loved was while they were twins, they need very distinct personalities, and that I had to know both of them emotionally to be ready to show the difference in them. albeit the film follows Vikram Batra’s life, there are small parts of Vishal Batra that I need to play.”

Shershaah traces the events of the Kargil war and therefore the romance of Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema. Set within the 1990s, the film also stars actress Kiara Advani. The movie was released on Thursday on Amazon Prime Video.

Captain Vikram Batra Biopic

Captain Vikram Batra Biopic, From This Article People Will get the all Information about Captain Vikram Batra and His Biopic and Biography.

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